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Water Damage Repair

Flooded?  Here’s What To Do!

Water damage in the home is stressful and dangerous.  If your entire home (or even part of it) floods, don’t panic – call the rug cleaning NYC specialists!  We at Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning have advice to offer should a flood hit your home:

  • Call the professionals. Dealing with water damage can be hazardous if you do not have the right knowledge and equipment.  If you find water damage in your home, you can call us at Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning 24/7.
  • Do not use a vacuum on wet carpets or floors.  Vacuum cleaners are not meant for water extraction, so they will not do much good.  Furthermore, you put yourself at risk for electric shock if you do this!
  • Do not enter a room that has water damage.The only time when you should is if you turn off the electricity to your home, otherwise you risk electric shock.
  • Turn on all the fans in your house.  This will assist the drying process.  Another good step to take is turning on your heat or air conditioning.  Be sure not to use electricity and to stay away from power outlets in flooded rooms!

The Safe Way To Restoration

Our water damage technicians that work at our rug cleaning NY company are highly trained and very experienced. Be assured they will be able to extract all of the water from your home and restore the damaged areas to their former condition.

Our methods of cleaning will eliminate any excess moisture coming from walls and floors, and will get rid of any mold and mildew.  Our treatment also ensures that the mold and mildew will not come back!

After the extraction and clean-up process has been completed and finalized, we sanitize and disinfect your home using non-toxic and biodegradable agents that protect the health of you and your family.

Last, we deodorize your carpet and upholstery. This will leave your home dry, fresh, and safe – like the water damage had never happened!

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