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Scotch guard protection

Professionally Applied Scotchguard Protector

The very best way to protect your carpets, rugs, and upholstery is to use Scotchguard. This is our rug cleaning NYC professional way of ensuring that your products stay fresh and clean for many years to come.

Our Guarantee Is That Your Home Will Look Fresher and Smell Better for Many Years to Come.


Scotchguard Protection:

This Is What Scotchguard Protection Can Do:

  • Protect against both oil- and water-based stains
  • Help carpet fibers resist soiling
  • Keep carpet and upholstery fabrics stain-resistant
  • Keeps carpet and upholstery cleaner longer
  • Creates an invisible barrier between fabric and stains
  • Prevents dirt from sticking to fibers in fabric
Scotch Guard Protection


You’ll Save Time Cleaning!

With the help from our rug cleaning NY company, dirt will be easier to vacuum after it has undergone Scotchguard protection.

Clean Up Stains in a New York Minute!

Since Scotchguard repels liquids, stains are removed much easier. Spills are blotted up in a mere second!

The very best time to get Scotchguard protection is after a cleaning done by our carpet cleaning Manhattan specialists.  This application will keep your carpet, rug, or upholstery clean for far longer.

Stay Clean Longer

Once our technicians apply Scotchguard to your carpet or upholstery, your carpet will become easier to vacuum, and it will also be stain-resistant. This will make your home feel cleaner and fresher for longer.

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