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Repair & Restretching

Carpet Repair & Restretching

A New Beginning for Old Carpets

There is a middle option between buying a carpet and throwing out an old one – restretching.  Restretching your carpet will ensure that you get the maximum amount of use out of it – and will also keep your home looking like new!

Even the most beloved carpet will likely suffer buckling and the need for repair due to normal wear and tear.  Even though having buckles in your carpet is certainly inconvenient, there is no need to replace the carpet when this happens – just get in contact with our experts at Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning!

Our technicians will be able to determining what kind of repair your carpet needs and give you tips on how to keep your carpet in great shape for years to come once the repairs are over.

Our professional restretching service can make your carpets look like new – just get in contact with our carpet cleaning New York company!

A wall-to-wall carpet should be seen as an investment in the worth of your house, and keeping it in top condition is essential toward ensuring that your home maintains its value.  Contact us today to learn more about how to keep a wall-to-wall carpet in great shape.

Keeping A Carpet’s Value

Our professionals will use a power stretcher and knee kickers in order to ensure that you get maximum use out of your carpet.  The more attention that you pay to your carpet, the longer it will last and the better your overall value.  Our services can help you get your carpet back to looking new – or even better!  That is our promise to you.

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