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Our 5 steps rug cleaning process


  • The carpets are meticulously inspected to detect their unique cleaning needs.
  • Cleaning solutions are customized according to the needs and preferences of individual customers.
  • High-tech equipment like high-resolution digital camera is used to take detailed pictures of the carpet to detect every minute cleaning need.
  • The carpets are thoroughly inspected to take note of their type, colour, size and any pre-existing conditions such as a stain or other problems requiring repair.
  • Digital microscopes are used to inspect the carpet fibers in order to evaluate their condition and detect the presence of pollutants.


  • A thorough vacuuming is done to remove insoluble dry soil by the use of commercial vacuums.
  • Spots and stains are pre-treated with special solutions for complete and perfect removal.
  • Pre-treatments of traffic areas by the use of high-quality preconditioning agents.
  • High-quality traffic lane cleaners are used for the pre-treatment of traffic areas to break down and loosen traffic area soils.
  • Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine is used to perform the hot water extraction cleaning process to meticulously flush the entire amount of loosened soil piled on the carpet. These cleaning machines are equipped with pressure and heat regulators to protect the carpet from getting over-wet.
  • The pH is balanced in the cleaning solution is balanced before cleaning the fabrics of the carpet to ensure that they are appropriately protected.


  • High-velocity air-movers are placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to allow fast and thorough drying.
  • Superior quality dehumidifiers are used to remove excess amounts of moisture.
  • To efficiently restore the shine of the carpet fabric, rollers are moved only in the direction of the carpet pile.
  • The drying process obtains completion by using high-quality equipment to ensure complete eradication of molds and making the carpet resistant to dirt.


  • To ensure perfect cleaning, the fringes are checked thoroughly.
  • When required, necessary measures are taken to guarantee complete cleanliness of the fringes.
  • The carpets are examined and evaluated by experts for necessary repairing needs.
  • When needed, repairing services are provided in accordance with the specific needs and preferences of customers.

Final Inspection:area_rugs_repair2_image6_1

  • Quality control inspection is performed to ensure that the best cleaning methods and equipment have been used.
  • Detailed photographs of the carpet are taken to keep a record of the condition of the carpet after the completion of the cleaning and restoration process.
  • The cleaned and refreshed carpet reaches home being packed in the safest and most elegant manner.




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