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Carpet Installation Services

Adding Warmth To Your Home With Carpet Installation

Wall-to-wall carpet can make your home a more relaxed and warmer place to be.  Contact us today to learn how Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning can offer you carpet like no other carpet cleaning NY service!

Comfortable Living

carpet_installationWall-to-wall carpeting is great because it offers you a way to absorb unwanted sounds.  It will also provide a padded surface for you and your children to walk on – which makes the floor a safer and a warmer place to be!  It drastically reduces the rate of slipping and falling, making carpet a great option for keeping children or the elderly safe.

Buying and installing carpet is a big decision – you need to consider your own lifestyle factors, style, performance, and budget in order to be assured that your choice is the right one.

Investing Right

We at Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning are the local experts when it comes to carpet installation.  Our professionals understand that carpet installation is both a procedure and an art, and we are experts at both ends of the process.  We will carefully pay attention to all parts of the carpet installation in your home, assuring excellence like no other company can.

To solidify this, all of our work is 100% guaranteed for the first 30 days – no questions asked.

We can help you choose and install the right carpet for your needs and budget.  We have a large variety of carpets that can suit all rooms, all the time!

Our process begins with a free evaluation of your home so that you can select the right color and fabric of your carpet – and this evaluation is free of charge.

Full Service – Full Experience

We take care of every step of the carpet installation experience – from soup to nuts.  In this way, we hope to make adding new flooring to your home both fun and pleasurable.

Every Step Of The Way – We Are There

Remember to ask your carpet installation specialist about carpet protectors like Scotchguard.  These can help you keep your carpet fresh and clean for years to come!

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