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Carpet Cleaning

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning New York Service Gives Your Room a New Look!

At Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning, we are proud to offer some of the most reliable carpet cleaning and restoration solutions that can be found anywhere in the tri-state area.  We love providing unparalleled customer service and results to our customer base – and we have the testimonials to prove it!

Most carpet cleaners will use harmful chemicals to clean your carpets, but not at Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning – we use organic, non-toxic compounds so that you can enjoy and maintain beautiful wall-to-wall carpets.  Our deep cleaning processes will leave your carpets looking as good as new.

We can also offer you perfect carpet protection!


Our Cleaning Services NY give you:

  • A New Look.  Your room will look completely different with clean carpets!
  • No more allergens.  When our professionals are done, you and your family will breathe easier.
  • Organic cleaning.  No harmful chemicals are used during the cleaning process.
  • Harmful bacteria gone. Your carpets will be entirely disinfected by our process.
  • Pleasant surroundings.  After cleaning, your carpets will be softer and more comfortable.
  • Stain be gone! Virtually all stains will disappear!
  • Fresh air.  Your carpets will be 100% deodorized.
  • 100% guarantee.  On all of our work, every time.

A New Carpet, A New Life

We can give your carpets an entirely new life with our cleaning processes.  Contact us today and see for yourself – we can give you the same treatment that we have given thousands of satisfied customers, who come to our carpet cleaning Manhattan business again and again to keep their homes fresh and clean!

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